Now, its your turn to take the legacy of Jumping Fitness forward. If you have space, resources and the zeal to engage in a business that its fun, entertaining and helps people to stay fit, then we will be more than happy to become our franchise partner. Learn more about how to become a franchise owner of Jumping Fitness in Nigeria below:


  • The fitness center should be large enough to hold a number of jumping trampolines
  • The physical location should be within a walking distance from college and other institutions.

Investment Criterion

  • We charge ₦85,000 for a trampoline, but it may change with or without prior notification.
  • No franchise fee monthly loyalty charge
  • We will not bear the cost of center renovation or design and the expense will be on the license holder or the centre owner, who will be open to apply his or her own idea while designing training centre.

Our Support Service Includes

  • We conduct extensive training programmes for instructors
  • We organize classes and provide video choreography materials
  • Press/Media advertising and marketing


  • Face-to-face and on-call consultation.
  • Thorough analyzing on profit, competitors, potential, market demand and site location


  • Premise tenancy agreement
  • Jumping Centre License agreement
  • Interior design and renovation
  • Hiring instructors and organizing training program for them
  • Running online and offline marketing campaign.

Full Conversion or Combination of Existing Fitness Centre

  • Your existing fitness or wellness centers for Dance, Gym, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates wellness or any other fitness or heath- related centers can be fully converted for jumping workshop in Nigeria.
  • If your existing fitness center is co-existed with Jumping Fitness Nigeria center, then there must be a sign or our fitness center.
  • Instructors with the certificate of a Jumping Instructor Training Course are only eligible to hold jumping training Nigeria classes.
  • License holders and the instructors should be a registered member of Jumping Training Nigeria. However, formal membership registration will be done during Jumping Centre License Agreement.
  • Our registered members are allowed to access classes and video choreography materials online. Each member will have to pay ₦2000 per month for a year for conducting jumping classes.

Jumping Trampoline Price and Delivery Charges

  • Our price of a Jumping Standard trampoline is ₦85,000 in including VAT and excluding delivery charges
  • The price of a Jumping Excellent trampoline, which has been designed for personal home use is ₦85,000 including VAT and excluding delivery charges. Such trampolines are foldable-type that can be transported anywhere. We also provide a DVD manual with it.

The prices of the trampolines can fluctuate with the accordance of foreign exchange rates and service charges.